Marat Ressin: Yedi has the best project survival in the world

Marat Ressin: Yedi has the best project survival in the world

The World Business Incubation Summit 2018 took place in Toronto on February 21-22. In conclusion, the two-day conference of representatives of Accelerators and incubators cooperating with universities, from the USA, Canada, Russia, Sweden, Germany, India, Denmark, Great Britain and other countries, were awarded prizes, and the highest award in the category Accelerator received our Yedi – York Institute for Enterprise Development. Having congratulated the founder and the president of this Institute Professor Marat Ressin with international recognition, we have asked to enlighten us and readers in this innovative sphere.

-is such a summit not for the first time? And what is this organization UBI Global, which awarded awards?

"This is not the first time this summit takes place. UBI Global is a worldwide organization of university business incubators and accelerators, which conducts research, accumulates experience and models of business incubators and gives them recommendations.

-and where is their headquarters?

-In Stockholm. And, based on the data analysis, they make each year a ranking separately for incubators and accelerators.

-and what is the difference between incubators and accelerators?

-the difference between them is that the accelerator is a university program with the addition of some elements, and incubators-a place where people implement their projects, receiving help from mentors. Yedi is a business accelerator. Two years ago, when UBI Global made a ranking, we became the third in North America, but the top ten in the world did not hit. It should be said that we had existed only one and a half years by that time. In two years we have grown very much, and our results have become more impressive. We've got a lot more programs, we started with one program, now we have six. The first is a semester with Schulich School of Business, with which we started, then added a program for non-profit organizations, young entrepreneurs, students of York University, for foreign businessmen who can come to Canada to understand how to do business in North America. We make programs in other countries as well. And got a very wide fame, we now have 30 applications for one place, which allows us to choose the best and prospective students. We have the best survival projects in the world after passing our program – 87%, there is no one, the average result of the top ten 65%.

-Can you name some top-projects?

-I prefer not to do this, because we choose the best and from very different areas. But, for example, the recent project-production of lactose-free milk and ice-cream based on plant substances. And the main problem was that this product could live on the shelves of stores not one day. The grant we are giving, having received it from the Federal Ministry of Industrial Development, they have managed to carry out serious research and to achieve serious results. Now this product goes to the markets of Canada and North America.

-Was this summit for the first time held in Toronto?

"The summit is being collected every two years so that people can come together and share their experiences. The previous summit was held in Stockholm, and the best they announced in London, because they were British incubators. And this year it all took place in Toronto, because a few Canadian incubators were in the first position. Among the incubators-from the University of Ryerson, among the accelerators-we. The second and third places in different categories were occupied by Canadian organizations. And the reason is that we in Canada use other models. So in the USA or in Israel are mostly private incubators with private investors, we are mostly non-profit enterprises, such as Yedi, we also attract investments, but as a charitable organization can give the opportunity to Investors to write off their investments from taxes.

-Have you learned something new at this summit?

-Yes, I thought about it subconsciously, but one American colleague seemed to voice my thoughts. It is the creation of a certain atmosphere in the incubator – business, effective, so that the novice businesses learn to bring it from the first steps of their business. Actually, this is not an innovation, but a very important factor for success.

Luba Black