Why not try www.globorg.com?

Why not try www.globorg.com?

If You are reading this article, then you are interested in advertising our site on the first page

Global Business Network – Encrypted Collaboration Portal (www.globorg.com). And all the questions:

Do you have your own business? A lot of customers? Want to improve your business performance? Want to improve your work with customers? Want to protect your information? You answered-yes!

The question immediately arises, and why do you need this site, what would be useful for me if I use it? How does it differ from other similar sites? Let's look at the details.

Let's start with the site structure. There are two main categories of the site "Accounts" and "Clients". Enter These categories through your username and password. "Accounts" are the main users of the site, business owners, offering their clients certain services. As an example it can be "Accountants", "Mortgage Brokers", "Real Estate Brokers", "Landscapers" and so on. That is, businesses that have recurring customers. And such clients are in all businesses. If the business has a good reputation. Since each "Account" has clients, they access the site through the "clients" category. The owner of "Account" gives them a user name and password and through them his clients enter the site. Can What "Client" do by going to the site by its user name and password? He is given the opportunity to see the business owner's working schedule and according to his rights or to reserve a meeting or to set a meeting at a convenient time, if it is not occupied by other clients or is not reserved by the owner business "Account". He can also carry out correspondence with the owner of the business from the site or call him directly from the site. Secrecy mode is set by the owner of the business, and we will stop at this later. That's in principle for the customers and everything. Wanted to meet, went to the site, chose a convenient time and appointed a meeting or wrote a message. The business owner will be notified by email and directly to the site. As a confirmation of the established meeting the client also receives notification by e-mail and naturally on the site also the meeting with all volume of the information concerning this meeting is reflected. If There are any questions, correspondence in both directions with specification of details is carried out. The client can have contacts with different business owners, and each of them will have their own username and password. Nobody crosses each other, everything is confidential.

Business owners visit the site in the "Accounts" section under their user name and password. It is very common to select an e-mail address as a user name, but it is at the User's discretion. The section "Accounts" consider in detail, because it is the main site. Let's start with the registration.

In order to become a user of the site as a business owner, you need to register and access. There is a registration form for registration, but the main fields are only two: this is the login and e-mail address. The rest may not appear. The e-mail address is necessary only for sending the administration of the site notices to the user "Accounts" in case of necessity. The rest of the site administration absolutely do not care! When you register a user, the data encryption mode or open mode may be selected. In the case of encryption, all information except login and e-mail is encrypted by the user password and becomes inaccessible to third parties, including the administration of the site. More on that later.

At Registration the user "Accounts" receives a temporary password and if necessary login (if the user has decided not to use as a login the address of the e-mail). After that he will have to activate his "Account" within 24 hours with a new password known only to him and it is possible to enter the site. At the initial entrance to the site the user is informed of the rules of use. If the user consents, he or she is accessing the site.

Entering the site, the user can click on the question mark (?) at the top right and get a step-up instruction with what and how to start. Let's give brief information. In the "Management" section there are two options "Private" and "Public" and Two boxes "Encrypted" and "Encrypted content". By "Private" and "Public" everything is clear. In the case of "public" your business information can be accessed by clicking on the link "public Accounts List" For General review by the respected audience and you may be sent various inquiries about your business! Conversely, in the case of "Private", no one will know anything about you except your customers! Now the most interesting: two boxing "Encrypted" and "Encrypted content". In case none of the boxes is marked, all your information and information about your clients is stored in the database in the open form! In case if only one boxing two boxing "Encrypted" is marked, then the information about the user of the site is Encrypted except as we said above, email and login! In case the boxing is marked with two "Encrypted content" boxes, the information about clients, partners, employees, all correspondence and so on is Encrypted! In case both "Encrypted" and "Encrypted content" boxes are labeled, everything is Encrypted, again except for login and e-mail. When you encrypt the boxing "Encrypted", your information automatically becomes "Private" and disappears from "Public Accounts List". Since We do not store the passwords of our clients in the database, if you lost your password, all information is not recoverable! Therefore, the password must is stored somewhere in a secret place and do not forget! In addition to the regular user "Accounts", users can use the site. But They don't have administrative privileges. They are given privileges by the user, in accordance with the trust that he gives them! They also have their logins and passwords, which is the business owner gives them, and They can not change them! All correspondence and communication of clients is reflected in the database with the name and time of who did what and when! You can always the see everything, no one will reject! The site has statistics of meetings. You can analyze the efficiency of work. In addition to general information, customers can take additional notes and download necessary documents in PDF or JPEG formats. ALL information, if necessary, can be printed. It is possible to describe for a long time what it is possible to do on a site, but it is better to try, to read step instruction of the user and if necessary to write to us a text message. There is an icon in the form of an envelope at the top right. Fill out the message and send it to us. And We will answer you very soon. We do not communicate by email. Too much spam.

So, in short we have described, that our site can, but it not all! We constantly, at the request of our users, complement and improve it! The difference of our site is that it is dynamic. Users of the site are completely different professions, and different professions need different opportunities on the site. We regularly analyze inquiries and satisfy them as we arrive.

And now the main thing, what is the difference of our site from other similar sites. If you have been paying attention, many sites, especially social networks? In case of loss of your password, send you or your password in the open form or temporary password for its subsequent replacement to your new password. Those sites, who sends you a password in the open, in general, Byaka, Fu! They Store your passwords in an open form or, at best, They themselves encrypt and store separately. Such sites hack and get passwords and use for the wrong purpose. Not clean on the hands of employees of such sites, having access to the database, also can use passwords, and even read unencrypted information and is suppressed! Those sites that send you a temporary password, store not the password itself, and its encoded image, which does not give back decoding. There's this math. But again, all your information is stored in the open. The level of secrecy is higher, but in case of hacking the information gets into impure hands. In our case, the information is encrypted by your password and the password itself is stored only in the form of image and reverse decoding does not succumb. So even in the case of hacking our site cracker would get some incomprehensible zagguliny. None of our employees who have access to the database, and such units, will not be able to read your encrypted information, in case you want to encrypt it. The only drawback of our site, if you forget the password, no one would help you decrypt the information you have encrypted! Well, nobody is perfect!

So, what are you doing? Good Luck and pleasant pastime on our site!