Voice treatment

Voice treatment

When I started in different periods of my medical practice treating hypnosis and psychotherapy, I was suddenly surprised that the therapeutic effect is often difficult to predict.

The depth of hypnosis, the success of understanding and empathy during psychotherapy, the relationship with the patient has not been reflected in one way or another on the cure of mental or physical illness.

The cure happened as though "when it wanted it". A very pleasant phrase for my hearing: "Pain has passed, doctor" or "fear and panic attacks have ceased" – and others like this have fallen on top of me quite unpredictably sometimes after one and sometimes after a hundredth session.

What did I do in one way or another, what caused this magical cure, and why the effect was often much stronger immediately after the session, sometimes persisting, and sometimes disappearing, demanding the continuation of treatment?

Without any doubt, my method, which consisted in careful study of the history of the disease, explaining the patient how the mechanisms of development of the problem, educating him on the subject of conscious and unconscious elements of his consciousness, as well as Demonstrations, how the unconscious influences through medical hypnosis, helped everyone to change their approach to their state, changing their lives in the same way.

However, the cure for ailments that patients have suffered for years, sometimes in a few months I could not explain.

As often happens, the case that occurred during one of the sessions with my patient, forced me to delve into the whole area so far not known to me knowledge.

Claudia K. Suffered a partial hearing loss, and, in order for her to hear my questions, I put on her headphones and spoke through the microphone. So we communicated during the session. I noticed that her progress was much stronger than that of others. Anxiety and panic attacks slowly retreated.

Then I asked patients with normal hearing to wear headphones. The effect of their treatment has increased significantly.

I began to seek in the medical literature an explanation of this phenomenon.

Among others, the name of Alfred Tomatis was most attracted to my attention.

In the middle of the twentieth century, the otolaryngologist Alfred Tomatis published the results of his numerous observations on how the peculiarities of hearing influence the stimulation of different areas of the brain. He created a frequency variation of music, training muscles "Stremechka" and "Anvil", which not only helped to hear more clearly, but also positively influenced the stimulation of the brain.

Despite the fact that the scientific effect of tomatis has not been proved, it has been successfully disposed of for different purposes by hundreds of people, as evidenced by extensive advertising on the Internet.

At least I realized that not only I was able to detect this phenomenon.

However, in my case it was not necessary to influence the frequency of voice stimulus.

Kulvant Rajwans, a professional sound engineer who has been watching my work for seventeen years, writes: "I have observed the impact of Dr. Rivlin's therapeutic sessions many times. Those who listened to his voice, which was always accompanied by music, experienced an extraordinary effect. The more and longer they listened, the farther back were anxiety, depression, panic attacks, muscle aches, colitis, headaches, problems with studies and addictions. However, as the well-known specialist in the stimulation of the brain sound Dr. Alfred Tomatis said "to hear the brain to learn. It means that the sound comes to the brain, but it is not always understood. " Those who regularly listened to the recordings of Dr. Rivlin, using his scheme of Samleliania, achieved extraordinary results.

So what is the secret of the fact that Alex's voice has such an incredible range of stimulation that causes seemingly incredible effects, independent of the subject of the recording?

Alex's father taught music at the conservatory. The family lived in the house, where in one-the only room where they lived: ate, slept, met with friends and where Alex's father gave music lessons, there were two concert pianos. When Alex's mother was pregnant, then gave birth, the child still in the womb of the mother was constantly in the ocean of sounds instrumental, violin music and singing. His father taught students and accompanied singers, singers and violinists for days. So, before birth and many years after birth, Alex's hearing aid was exposed to unusual influences. According to Alfred Tomatis, there were thousands of tones in his voice, which unusually absorbed dozens of spectra of musical and colloquial sounds.

Those patients who are able to experience the treatment with the voice of Dr. Rivlin forever change the perception of the world regardless of whether they are cured or not under the influence of his magical voice. The New World, "which gives them the stimulation of his voice," is always brighter, livelier and more optimistic than before when they were subjected to the magical sounds of his psychological records. "

I was flattered by Kulvanta's assessment, but I realized that unlike Dr. Tomatis, my therapy not only stimulates the left hemisphere, responsible for willpower and conscious perception, but also the right, to a great extent responsible for the unconscious and figurative Perception. This is what makes uncertainty in terms of improvement, but greatly enhances the effect.

In addition, I do not use sound distortion and vibration, because even a slight vibration of the stereo headphones is sufficient to transmit a huge number of frequencies in my recordings.

Of course, if possible I would like to compare my method with the Tomatis method scientifically. However, it would require funds, volunteers and an organized group of scientists. Not yet.

I also paid attention (purely empirically) that for the introduction of the patient in a state of hypnosis for the purpose of therapy the music of the French composer Eric Sati far surpasses the music of Wolfgang Mozart, which was used by Dr. Tomatis.

The main question I still can't answer is: what helps in the treatment of patients? is the content of my hypno/psychotherapeutic sessions or regardless of the content sounding my voice?

However, their recovery is the most important for me. Everything else will become clearer over time.

Dr. Alex Rivlin

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